Something has to have Torrevieja to count among its neighbors so many people with more than one hundred years. Municipal census statistics reveal that there are no less than 26 people registered in the municipality who are over 99 years old. And is that with a population of 102,655 people registered (although real residents are many more, up to six times that number), there are 4,284 residents with more than 80 years.

It is not clear whether the weather is of the salt city feel good to health or if the older ones choose to move to live in the city, but in any case there are those who point out that there is a microclimate in the area that has something to do with the longevity of the neighbors. At least that is what yesterday highlighted the mayor, Pedro Hernandez Mateo, who argued that “in the early 80’s the World Health Organization (WHO) prepared a report on the most beneficial climatic conditions for health. place of the best microclimates to live, just behind an enclave on the east coast of the United States.

The number of days of sun and the temperature of the sea were some of the characteristics observed in the report, although the councilman assured that the evaporation of the water from the salinas fills the air with beneficial particles for health. The mayor also pointed out that there are “Asturians living in Torrevieja who notice a great improvement” in suffering due to working in mines, and also in ailments such as osteoarthritis or rheumatism. “With how well I am here I am ashamed to say that I am early retirement,” he said that some have confessed to him.

Some residents are, however, skeptical with this explanation. In the absence of scientific reports that today prove the benefits of this supposed microclimate (although it serves as an argument in online sales portals of apartments, for example), there are those who consider that Torrevieja is simply the destination chosen by many Europeans and Spaniards of other points of the country to spend your retirement.

That could perhaps be the explanation for such concentration of older people, because in reality many of these neighbors “are from the Nordic countries, the United Kingdom or Germany,” according to details provided by the City Council.

In this framework are born associations like “Age Concern” (of British origin but open to members of all nationalities) that deals with “caring for and accompanying the elderly who live alone”, according to the Councilor for Immigration, Pedro Valero.


In fact, comparing Torrevieja’s age pyramid with that of another municipality in the interior that publishes the census data on its website gives an idea of ​​the longevity of these neighbors. While those over 80 in Torrevieja are 4.17% of the population, in the interior that group stays at 1.98%.
And in a higher age group, those over 90 years old account for 0.46% of the population in Torrevieja, but in the interior of the region are only 0.32% in the list of registered voters.

Source: Daily information

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