Mucho habla del hecho de que los precios de la vivienda española han tocado fondo ahora, y es la cola para aquellos que quieren encontrar la casa de sus sueños en el sol. Muchos ahora también eligen invertir en bienes raíces para la casa de sus sueños, donde el sol brilla más de 320 días al año. O alquilar la propiedad semanalmente si no la usa.

¿Estás interesado en comprar una casa en España? ¿O tal vez quieres comprar un apartamento en España?

A continuación, hemos escrito una pequeña “guía” con enlaces útiles e información para ayudarlo a comprar casas en España.

Como ya hemos escrito en nuestra guía para comprar una propiedad en el extranjero, hay muchos que pensaron en la idea. Volar desde la nieve lluviosa y nevada Suecia es un sueño popular. A menudo, España es lo que mucha gente sueña con sus muchos días de sol y altas temperaturas promedio. Desde entonces, ha sido extraordinario ahora desde que ocurrió la crisis inmobiliaria española. ¡Es realmente el mercado del comprador por allá! En el favorito sueco de Torrevieja hay innumerables casas y apartamentos en venta por muy poco dinero. Lo mismo ocurre con la vecina ciudad de Alicante. Ambos ofrecen excelentes tiendas y hermosas playas con baños calientes en el océano.

Nadie rechaza, no le gusta o evita el placer en sí, porque es un placer, sino porque aquellos que no saben cómo buscar el placer racionalmente encuentran consecuencias que son extremadamente dolorosas. Tampoco hay nadie que ame o persiga o desee obtener dolor por sí mismo, porque es dolor, sino porque ocasionalmente ocurren circunstancias en las que el dolor y el dolor pueden procurarle un gran placer. Para tomar un ejemplo trivial, ¿cuál de nosotros alguna vez realiza un ejercicio físico laborioso, excepto para obtener alguna ventaja de él? Pero, ¿quién tiene derecho a culpar a un hombre que elige disfrutar de un placer que no tiene consecuencias molestas, o que evita un dolor que no produce ningún placer resultante?

The first thing to do when deciding to buy a house in Spain is to sit down to plan. Think through properly, what is it you want to get out of your investment? Which part of the country suits you best? The plan may be moving yourself yourself eventually? Is it easy to get there? Does it cost a lot to fly down? Is it possible to hire someone for care?

As far as traveling expenses to Spain are concerned, most people are aware that it is possible to fly incredibly cheaply. RyanAir and Norwegian often offer ToR for less than a thousand, this is obviously due to season. These airlines also fly from most airports here in Sweden so it does not matter how much you live.

When it comes to care, there are in any case around Alicante and Torrevieja Swedish companies offering help with care and rental, in other Spain, so there is also a possibility in many other places, though not always through a Swedish company.

When you figured out where you want your house to be somewhere, you’re looking for a brokerage page or some kind of page where you can find current items. There are many pages that target people who want to buy houses abroad. Below are some pages that we find useful.

We start with There are actually thousands of ads on apartments and houses in Spain in all possible price ranges.

Previously mentioned offers thousands of ads.

As we mentioned earlier in the article, Torrevieja and Alicante are two major Swedish favorites, but these cities are also popular with Britter, so there are unbelievably many items for sale right there.

Now that you know where you want to buy and maybe even found an item, it may be a good move to fly there. Decide with a broker that you want to get a tour of the city, see different items, etc. It is important that you feel comfortable in the city.

Now maybe it’s time to think about how to finance your house purchase in Spain? Swedish banks generally do not accept property abroad as collateral for loans to private individuals. On the other hand, a property or housing right in Sweden can be used as collateral for a loan in the Swedish bank.

An advantage of borrowing in Swedish kronor is that, in most cases, the loan is in the same currency as its future income – and therefore is not affected by varying exchange rates.

Loans abroad, for example, in the country where you buy may result in rules that Swedes are not used to – for example, higher amortization, or that the entire loan must be paid before reaching a certain age.

Other conceivable things when you buy houses in Spain are:

In the case of a contractual signing of a second hand sale, you will pay a cash payment as a buyer. Normally the deposit is 10% of the purchase price. The final payment usually takes place on the day of entry.

If you instead decide to buy new production, a booking agreement will be made with the developer where you pay a booking fee of 3,000 – 6,000 €. The booking fee can usually be paid with your credit card.

When you enter your residence and sign the law, you must have a tax identification number, a so-called NIE number, applying for a NIE number can take a few weeks.

The operating costs of your home in Spain depend, of course, on the type of accommodation you purchased and how much you use it, but the total operating cost of a 2-bedroom apartment usually amounts to between 1,500 – 2,000 SEK per month. The cost includes, inter alia, cohabitation fee, electricity and water, home insurance premium and property tax. You are the smartest to open an account with a Spanish bank for your running expenses.

No paga ningún impuesto inmobiliario en Suecia en la residencia española, pero en España paga un impuesto municipal sobre la propiedad en función del valor de la tasación. La tasa de impuestos varía entre los diferentes municipios y se encuentra entre 0.4-1.1%. También paga un impuesto a la propiedad estatal de aproximadamente 0,25-0,5%, que también asume el valor fiscal de la propiedad.

Esperamos que esta pequeña guía te ayude cuando decidas comprar una casa en España. Lo mismo aplica, por supuesto, si tiene la intención de comprar un apartamento en España.

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